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"The Prince Paul Foundation For Romania" is a registered charity that specializes in cultural and humanitarian projects and also emphasizes protection of indigenous animal life. It is a nonpolitical charity with tax deductible status in the USA, UK, France and Romania.

Here is a partial listing of some of the Foundation's projects so far:

- A shipment of new medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, worth $250.000 arrived for our hospitals. The source of this large donation was "DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL", an organization from the USA, whose official representative in Romania is HRH Prince Paul of Romania. We had the special honor of Hiseatitude, Teoctist, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, blessing this first shipment. DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL was so impressed with the high degree of publicity that was generated for them by our collaboration, that they have confirmed that additional donations are to be made through our Foundation for other Romanian hospitals.

In honor of the visit of Supermodel Miss NAOMI CAMPBELL to Bucharest for humanitarian purposes, two shipments of new medicines were named after her. These donations from AMERICARE were evaluated at $290,000 and help butress up the fine care given to these children suffering from AIDS, TB and meningitis at the Victor Babes Hospital for Children with Catastrophic Diseases. Also, in honor of Miss Campbell's visit, ICI INSTITUTE HAS PLEDGED OVER $ 35.000 in teaching aids and cassettes for foreign language and business management studies for students throughout the country. We thank this remarkable lady for the interest she has shown and for her care and her concern for these needy youngsters.

· At the reception following the concert of JULIO IGLESIAS, 3M CO. ROMANIA and MR. WAYNE GARRETT, named its latest humanitarian shipment of $ 158.000 worth of sterile medical materials and 10.000 air filter masks after the international singer. These donations have been distributed by our Foundation throughout the county.

During the six day visit of popular television and film star, LARRY HAGMAN and this wife MAJ, a shipment of over $200.000 worth of medicines (with a matching grant of another $200.000 worth having been announced), prizes (2 day trips to Paris) for the best students of the Department of Drama, University of Cluj and $5.000 worth of English language learning cassettes for The Carol Davila Foundation were named in honor of their visit.

· The Foundation was pleased to publicize the extraordinary humanitarian contributions of Romania by VIRGIN AIRLINES and it;s founder, Mr. RICHARD BRANSON. We organized a black tie gala with MISS EARTHA KITT and well - known harmonica musician, LARRY ADLER, under the patronage of the former CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER, PIERRE TRUDEAU and FORMER AMERICAN FIRST LADY, MRS. GEORGE BUSH at the glamorous Savoy Hotel, London. Mr. Branson was honored at this time and garnered favorable press on both sides of the AtlanticThe Prince Paul Foundation for Romania was able to transport $240.000 worth of medicines to deserving hospitals here because of this wonderful event.

· The Foundation sponsored a group of Romanian musicians, who represented our country in an unique concert at a Sotheby's in London. This concert was an elegant salute to Romania music and composers. The performers were Ionel Iliescu, 14 year old child prodigy, who performed before at The United Nations and at the World Football Cup in America and Sever Barnea, baritone, a star of the Romanian National Opera. The special guest and the surprise of the event, was the famous pan pipe musician, GHEORGHE ZAMFIR, who came, out of friendship with our president, HRH Prince Paul of Romania. He played a duet with the popular harmonica player, LARRY ADLER. The concert was performed in front of an audience of 320 persons from London's high society. BRITISH AIRWAYS, the LONDON HILTON, PARK LANE, the LANESBOROUGH HOTEL and BANCA DACIA FELIX were all most pleased with the press coverage that they received in foreign periodicals because of their association with us. The value of this protocol was $73.000.

· An important event took place last year at Christmas when the Foundation made a large donation to an old people's home in Suceava, built under the auspices of His Holiness Pimen - Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti. Our donation of a central heating system from Denmark ($60.000) was installed in the complex which comprises 100 bedrooms, chapel, recreation hall, dinning room, library, gardens and clinic. This contract was concluded with the Danish firm "CLAUHAN PROJECT A/S". We would like to take this opportunity to thank a fine gentleman, Mr. KURT HANSEN, owner of CLAUHAN for all his generous support.

·To mark the visit of MISS FRANCE '99, Miss Mareva Gallanter, a gentle beauty of part Romanian heritage , we were able to "cut the ribbon" on the beginning of the "Save Our Schools" programs. The first school, #205, in sector 6, now has 600 desks and chairs, conference tables and adults sized chairs for the teachers, blackboards, repaired windows and the entire 1st floor painted with vibrant and creative graphics for each classroom and hallway. 3M ROMANIA and particular, their able country manager, Mr. WAINE GARRETT, sponsored and organized this effort that combined the funds and expertise of this fine American company and the workforce of their volunteers and of the parents. This donation is valued at $80.000. The prizes for the "Miss Romania - France Friendship Beauty Contest" organized by THE ROMANIAN PUBLISHING GROUP included weekends at luxury hotels in Mamaia, a PERQUINET watch valued at $1.500 and three day trip to Paris at the PARIS HILTON via AUSTRIAN AIRLINES.

· The Foundation created twenty music awards to support talented students. The protocol was signed with the Academy of Music of Bucharest. Each year, the Foundation grants five prizes of $500 each, along with a silver medal, for the most deserving graduates of the Faculty of Musical Interpretation. Also, awards and Medals of Distinction have been given to some acknowledged personalities in the musical domain, such as maestro Cristian Mandeal, Opera Diva Angela Gheorghiu, Maestro Nicolae Herlea and Constantin Dutu. GILETTE and THE WORLD TRADE CENTER were our generous sponsors.

THE ROMANIAN CHILDREN'S MUSIC FUND, through our Foundation, donated 20 cases of newgraduate-level music books through a collaboration with us. gain, an organization that had never received publicity, either here or abroad, for its good works, is now very eager to cooperate with us because of our proven record of obtaining results.

*The Foundation donated to the Medical Center ENT "Prof. Dr. Hociota" in Bucharest, a new "Cryostat" machine which diagnoses cancer, leukemia and AIDS in several minutes (cost $24.000).

*Our Foundation was a sponsor of the National History museum, donating $1.000 which included the printing of a catalogue entitled "The Coins of Transilvania". The catalogue presents 799 coins, most of them made in gold and silver, dating back to the creation of the Principality of Transilvania(1541).

We donated $500 for the building fund for The Cathedral in the town of Radauti.

*We donated $1.000 to start a fund for restoring and consolidating the church of "St. Silvestru" in Bucharest, whose residing priest is the well-known Father Galeriu, who - in the time of dictator Ceausescu - protested the destruction of the churches.

*The Foundation support gifted children in association with the firm OLIVETTI. One winner of the first prize at the National Olympics of Latin Language was sponsored for a visit to the United States.

*OLIVETTI and its General Manager, Mr. GIORGIO FAVETTO, donated two electronic typewriters, through our Foundation, to the High Church of Iasi and to the cultural society, "Plai Mioritic". The company was satisfied, after several unsuccessful attempts to secure publicity for their new operation in this district, to now receive both television and newspaper coverage through our joint venture. Companies are seeing that alone, they do not receive the same amount of public relations as they could when they join in partnership with a charity, such as ourselves.

*We donated $500 for the building fund of "The Mihai Eminescu Theater" in Botosani and " The Memorial House Eminescu" in Ipotesti village.

Ducess of YorkThe "Prince Paul Foundation for Romania" and His Holiness Bishop Vincentiu host a reception in Elisabeta Palace for HRH The Ducess of York, in presence of numerous personalities in the domain of culture and sports. On the same day, Prince Paul offered the Medal of Honor of the Foundation to two wellknown romanian personalities: Radu Beligan (theatre) and Marin Constantin (conductor of choir "Madrigal") (1995).

*WE have contributed $1.000 for the restoration of ancient wall paintings at the monastery of Tiganesti (Ilfov).

*We have made a donation to the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church of $2.000, to help with his many charitable projects.

*In collaboration with " Pharmaciens sans Frontieres" and other French charities, medical equipment and medicines worth over $100.000 have been donated to Cluj Napoca.

*A member of our American branch of "The Prince Paul foundation for Romania", Mr. Roni Goodman, generously donated a Doppler Echocardiograf machine to the School of Medicine, University of Cluj. Her gift was valued at $80.000 and was made in loving memory of her late husband, the distinguished businessman, Mr. Howard Goodman.

*AMERICARE, a respected American charity donated $234.000 worth of new medicines for the AIDS Clinic of the Victor Babes Hospital through our Foundation.

*Over 30.000 books have been donated to school, hospitals, museums and churches during this past year.

*Last Easter, XEROX ROMANIA, through the Foundation, donated a deluxe photocopier $ 4000, to the St. Anna Monastery in Rohia, near Baia Mare. We were pleased to help RANK XEROX and their former fine General Manager, Mr. MARIAN POPA launch their new operations in that city. Later, because of the satisfaction with the press results we achieved, XEROX also donated a $10.000 A3 Zoom deluxe machine through our Foundation which was given to the Union of Writers in Chisinau.

Alexandra Marinescu and Claudia Presecan were singled out to receive special awards for their outstanding performances as "Champions of the Future" at the National Stadium, Gymnastics Hall. Miss NADIA COMANECI was given the "Medal of Distinction" for 1995, from our Foundation, because she Symbolizes all that is good in international sport.

*We signed a Protocol with the " Foundation Franco- Roumaine" for a donation of $500.

*More than 85.000 history books have been donated in schools and universities throughout Romania and Republic Moldova.

*In 1993, we signed with "The Cultural foundation Negru Voda" in Fagaras a 3 year Protocol for "Radu Negru" High School of 6 prizes, $150 each.

*We donated $500 for building a new church in Predeal and another $500 for a new church in Brasov.(Triaj Church).

*In June, 1997, we signed a 5 year Protocol with "Vasile Goldis" School in Alba - Iulia for 5 prizes, $100 each.

*In February 1998, we signed a Protocol for 1998 with the University "Avram Iancu" in Cluj-Napoca for 8 prizes of merit of $200 each.

*As a catalyst for the encouragement of excellence and hard work in culture, sports and academics, the Foundation rewarded 7 young national champions with a trip to France. PLUZZZ VITAMINS and ING BARING BANK were our sponsors. The result of these goodwill ambassadors being presented at the Paris City Hall, a cultural event, meting the members of the French Press Corps, etc. was the successful start of our campaign to help change the unfair present image of Romania abroad. The trip with the young champions and our media members was valued at $47.000

*In March 1998, we signed a Protocol for two prizes of $500 each with the University of Bucharest, History Department, for the best students.

*We donated in March 1998, $500 for The Festival of Folklore "Avram Iancu" in Cluj Napoca.

will be continued...



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